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Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Degenerative or Bulging Discs? No Problem!
Find your Freedom From Back Pain With the Defeating Back Pain System!

Fast & Permanent Relief From Back Pain
in the Comfort & Convenience of Your Home TODAY!

Whether Your Pain is "Chronic & Debilitating"
or an "Aching Nuisance",

Start Experiencing Relief TODAY!

Whether You are Facing Back Surgery
or Have Already Had One,

Start the Healing Process TODAY!

Josh Tilleson discusses the life changing, and ultimately life saving, details of how he overcame a decade long struggle of back surgeries and debilitating, chronic back pain to find relief, newfound health, happiness, and freedom. Learn how you too can find your freedom from back pain, experience lasting relief, and immediately begin to benefit from the following:

  • A total of just 20 minutes per day, a few days a week, to relieve your back pain and change your life.
  • Quick and easy pain relief "tricks". Learn how to stabilize your back and break the vicious pain cycles so the healing process can begin.
  • The TRUTH about treating the source of your pain and not just the symptoms. Don't just cover up your pain, heal and defeat it.
  • How pain from Bulging Discs, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disk Disease, Sciatica, and even Failed Back Syndrome, can be defeated.
  • The 3 common muscle imbalances that can subtly, almost imperceptibly, be pulling your back and pelvis out of their natural healthy alignment and causing pain. How to not only stabilize, but ultimately reverse the damage.
  • The 4 ways to NOT sit whether you are in the office chair, on the couch or in the car. Be sure you are making the simple changes necessary to avoid the accumulative affect of these slow but steady pain generating positions.
  • And so much more than can be simply listed here...

To learn how you can start healing your back and relieving your pain today


Live Without Fear

Living Without Fear One of the many exciting benefits, that you may not fully comprehend until you can experience it for yourself, is freedom from the fear of pain. Not only.....

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Flexibility & Simplicity

Flexibility & Simplicity The Defeating Back Pain System walks you through a complete pain analysis to locate and address the sources of your pain symptoms. It .....

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Common Mistakes In Assessing Back Pain

"My back ache really isn't that bad. This is probably more than I need".   "It's probably nothing. I just bent over awkwardly, lifted som.....

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The Home Based Super Therapy for Back Pain

The DIY Super Back Pain Therapy I was diagnosed with all sorts of scary terminology such as sciatica, nerve damage, stenosis, bulging discs, slipped discs, degenerative disc.....

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20 Minutes to Relief From Back Pain!

Can You Spare 20 Minutes to Relieve Your Back Pain? I am not going to mislead you; finding your own freedom from back pain is not instantaneous and it does not come with.....

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Heal It and Defeat It!

Heal It and Defeat It! After my second back operation in as many years failed, I considered intervertebral disc implants and spinal fusion. They were the only surgical opti.....

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Top Pain Producing Postures Video

Learn how to stop the pain cycle so the healing process can begin. Register below to receive FREE and INSTANT access to this critical Top Pain Producing Postures video. The discoveries I share will establish the foundation for your healing and freedom from back pain. You will also be subscribed to my FREE Defeating Back Pain newsletter where you will receive tips, insights, reviews, and developments for achieving and maintaining a healthy, pain-free back. Sign up by entering your first name and email address below (all information is kept 100% confidential) so you can immediately begin to learn:


  • What everyday postures, positions, and activities are contributing the most to your back pain without you even knowing
  • The top 2 posture contributors to back injuries and ultimately back pain
  • Treatment options to consider and how to protect against future injuries

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